Science,Technology,Engineering,Math collectively known as STEM education is a relatively newfangled term here in India. Despite being quiet hot in the market STEM education is the need of the hour as all of the mentioned fields are what the future will majorly comprise of. …

Usually, the education system secludes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as completely different subjects when they are intermittently co-related. STEM approach is as such that it exposes the individual to real-time opportunities which help in their training as well

The four disciplines have becomes intensely involved in every nook and…

The definition of youth according to the oxford dictionary is “ the time of life when a person is young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult. in somebody’s youth”.

If you look closely into it the definition we could notice that it is very flexible. We can…

I saw a light right ahead of me,
A light so blindingly bright.
The feeling of warmth immediately filled me,
A feeling i had not felt for what seemed like centuries.

I saw a man emerge from the bright light,
Oddly enough he had a halo around him despite the bright light.
As he approached me the silence around was deafening,
But the man had a vivid smile on his face.

He came closer to me and said “come with me”,
As he smiled his brightest,
I followed his lead as feeling of certainty strangely enough filled me.
But yet, I felt like asking “Where to?”.

“Heaven” he replied,
Then it suddenly hit me,
I looked upon my lifeless body.
Cold and pale,
I was far gone but I know I’ve fulfilled my destiny.

“You have everything that you can ask for, you are rich! then why are you depressed?”

I have always been privileged alhumdulillah(praise be to God). It’s safe to say that ,I have never felt any materialistic scarcity or deprived of anything that I PHYSICALLY wanted. I have always been the…

Sometimes you feel so lost,
So confused, depressed and distraught.
You wonder ‘why me’ all the time
But u need to know
there’s an internal war to be fought

Some people know their plight,
Yet tend to deny,
They do not want to struggle or fight.
The pain ,the struggle will never go away,
Acceptance is the key,
for you’ll get nothing by being uptight.

Remember people, life is unfair,
But beautiful if you look above and beyond,
You’ll find that your happiness isn’t quiet rare.
It’s just a matter of sharp eye and a strong heart
To get your share of content for it isn’t that rare.

A once glamorous and flashing place
Has now come to down to shambles
Everywhere I looked chaos was at it’s peak phase
Children suffering from pangs of hunger,
And I could do nothing but look at them with pity,
Hence, in a place full of people close to losing their sobriety,
I still feel Alone in the city.

Yemen this place was called,
The city of heritage and charm,
Now being bombed mercilessly,
Claiming many lives,
And causing great harm.
I looked around helplessly
Thinking I could be of some helps
But even the rich were going through the dread of poverty,
And so I felt alone in the city.

Oh people of the world! Look up! Speak up!
Don’t you hear the mother’s cry?
Buckle up and let’s go to try,
So we don’t feel Alone in the city


Everyone faces defeat,
It tastes bitter-sour,
And No1 can take it's heat
It takes courage and willpower
To accept defeat

But we're cowards in this tiny world
So little we feel
For our hearts are cold
It takes courage and zeal
To accept defeat

Defeat is good to accept
An achievement in itself
But a far gone concept
That has been pushed behind the shelf
But it takes courage and strong prospect
To accept defeat

With a little push
And a little character tweak
One could feel the rush
And tears of joy will leak
For,it takes courage and a heart crush
To accept defeat

No wonder we're humans
It's in our natures to want to always win
But always remember
It takes courage and a heart stronger than tin
To accept defeat


A dreamer,a preacher , a person driven by emotions...aching to give a voice to those who want to be heard

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