Alone in a City

1 min readJul 5, 2020

A once glamorous and flashing place
Has now come to down to shambles
Everywhere I looked chaos was at it’s peak phase
Children suffering from pangs of hunger,
And I could do nothing but look at them with pity,
Hence, in a place full of people close to losing their sobriety,
I still feel Alone in the city.

Yemen this place was called,
The city of heritage and charm,
Now being bombed mercilessly,
Claiming many lives,
And causing great harm.
I looked around helplessly
Thinking I could be of some helps
But even the rich were going through the dread of poverty,
And so I felt alone in the city.

Oh people of the world! Look up! Speak up!
Don’t you hear the mother’s cry?
Buckle up and let’s go to try,
So we don’t feel Alone in the city




A dreamer,a preacher , a person driven by emotions...aching to give a voice to those who want to be heard