Evolution of Youth

The definition of youth according to the oxford dictionary is “ the time of life when a person is young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult. in somebody’s youth”.

If you look closely into it the definition we could notice that it is very flexible. We can mend it into what we want and that is youth.We have heard phrases like Youth build a nation, Youth is the tomorrow, Youth is the future and so on especially in this generation when people are depending on the youth so much, but in actuality the fact that youth is the future has been the only thing that has remained constant throughout centuries.

However, youth have been evolving, generation by generation. How you may ask?.Well, just like how the society has been progressing with every generation youth also evolved in order to adapt with the changes int their environment.Very similar to Darwin’s theory of evolution except this theory completely revolves around homo sapiens.In the beginning of time the youth were much focused on reproducing in order to sustain the human race with less psychological stigmas and the soul purpose was survival of the fittest.As time progressed the youth started becoming more goal oriented and very passion driven

Contrary to that today’s youth practice free will.They are more mentally aware and have taken a step back from the youth of the earlier generations.But, that’s a boon because our generation teaches us that it is okay to slow down and I believe as the youth of this generation that we are more ‘woke’ than any other generation despite having a break.Our future generations would have a much better life with how we are building the world now and that is why our youth is the best.



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