Roller Coaster of Motherly Emotions

2 min readJul 2, 2020

As her own skin and flesh tore she wailed in pain.
She felt ever crevice of her body ache,
But she knew her efforts weren’t in vain.
Harder and harder as she pushed a life out,
No one in the room could look at her with eyes of disdain.
Her screams sounded like music to her ears,
The heart monitor’s beep was just a ringing in her ear.
The day had began to turn to dusk,
Then soon it was dawn,
As the first rays of sun showed up in the dark sky,
She heard her baby’s quiet sound.
“It’s a girl!” The midwife said,
The mother’s eyes cried out tears laden with love.
As she held her baby girl in her aching arms after a tiring night in labour,
Who looked as magnificent as a dove.
But then tears of agony the mother cried,
For she was thinking about the evils of the world,
Even before her baby girl opened her eyes.
Such is the heart of a mother,
It melts like wax to heat,
Resonates with love like a song on repeat,
It aches like a the prick of a thousand thorns when In quicksands u seep,
And feels overwhelmingly happy,
When the joys of hard work you reap.
Never upset your mother,
For heaven lies at her feet.
Because when you make her happy,
Is when life’s true purpose you achieve.




A dreamer,a preacher , a person driven by emotions...aching to give a voice to those who want to be heard