Unhappy Privileged

“You have everything that you can ask for, you are rich! then why are you depressed?”

I have always been privileged alhumdulillah(praise be to God). It’s safe to say that ,I have never felt any materialistic scarcity or deprived of anything that I PHYSICALLY wanted. I have always been the kind of person who never asks for anything except when needed right from my childhood so, growing up my folks got me everything that I did ask for which was rarely and things that I didn’t ask for as well.Yes, we are a pretty well off family of five and in the beginning we were in a joint family and it was fun.

However there was always something that I didn’t really feel.From the beginning of my life I’ve always felt kinda neglected and unhappy so to say.I’ve dealt with long term depression and mental health has always been a kind of struggle for me. Whenever I speak to people about being unhappy the one thing they ask me almost every time is “why are you unhappy when your parents get you everything you ask for?”.I have not only seen this with myself but also with many other people who are children of people who could afford more than just the basic needs.

You see many people fail to understand that not everyone is happy with just materialism.Money can buy everything but not happiness.I have always felt a lack of human connection with almost anyone in my life hence, all my depression and struggles with mental health. But being in a well supported family does not mean that everything within the household is great.People can have a dysfunctional family, or an abusive relative or parent or are subjected favouritism. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s mental health weather they are rich or a pauper

We need to remember that mental health doesn’t see age or wealth or person or gender or skin tone.Anyone can be having a miserable life regardless of how much they are being given or how much they earn. What we need more than money to sustain our well being is people who understand us, love us and are there when we need a shoulder to cry on , a pillar to lean on.

Do not ever assume if someone is happy or not for what we see is not always the reality. There are always many hidden turmoils inside a person that we do not know of. Many of us have secrets that we do not want to tell to anyone except for a few. Don’t assume how well a person is doing just by their showy houses and expensive materials. Be there when someone needs you for the best kind of help that you can provide to anybody or anything is showing emotional support



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A dreamer,a preacher , a person driven by emotions...aching to give a voice to those who want to be heard