What Happens when You are Good

1 min readAug 17, 2020

I saw a light right ahead of me,
A light so blindingly bright.
The feeling of warmth immediately filled me,
A feeling i had not felt for what seemed like centuries.

I saw a man emerge from the bright light,
Oddly enough he had a halo around him despite the bright light.
As he approached me the silence around was deafening,
But the man had a vivid smile on his face.

He came closer to me and said “come with me”,
As he smiled his brightest,
I followed his lead as feeling of certainty strangely enough filled me.
But yet, I felt like asking “Where to?”.

“Heaven” he replied,
Then it suddenly hit me,
I looked upon my lifeless body.
Cold and pale,
I was far gone but I know I’ve fulfilled my destiny.




A dreamer,a preacher , a person driven by emotions...aching to give a voice to those who want to be heard